Bottle of Scotland Real Scottish Earth

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BOTTLE OF SCOTLAND... The perfect souvenir for any visitor or scottish ex-pat... with so many of us feeling disconnected these days, there is nothing that can ground us more than Mother Earth and our connection to her. Inside this glass vessel are a few precious grains of real Scottish earth collected from the highlands and heartlands of Scotland  This talisman is the perfect keepsake if you want a small momento to secure that special bond with the magical land you love. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but large enough to fuel the 'Cianalas' in your heart.

Product contents: genuine scottish earth sample, real glass bottle, Bottle of Scotland branded presentation card with reverse message, protective cellophane packaging. Bottle size circa 25mm.

Legal & environmental notice: Earth(s) obtained sensitively from private lands in Wales with landowners permission. Contents have been heat-sterilized prior to bottling. Authentically certified.

Product safety notice: This novelty gift contains glass. Not suitable for children. Handle with care. This is not a food product.

Bottle of Wales™, Bottle of Cymru™, Bottle of England™, Bottle of Ireland™, Bottle of Scotland™ are trademark names of Gifts by Craig.