Giraffe Shoulder Bag

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Fairtrade Giraffe Shoulder Bag

This fun colourful giraffe shoulder bag features an illustrated giraffe design with trunk following the length of the strap making this a real quirky outdoor accessory. By wearing one of these instead of carrying the usual plastic bag, not only will you look groovy and help save the planet, but a donation for each bag will go toward the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) who are working hard to make sure these guys make it too! you know it makes sense! These bags are screen printed and made by Fair Trade producers in India. By buying this bag, you'll be helping artisan crafts in India too!
So let's save the world people! Many more eco gifts in store, check them out!

Chosen by Craig... great gifts for every occasion.

Material: Recycled Plastic, Reflective Insulation

Dimensions: Width 38cm, Height 28cm, Depth 10cm, Handle length 66cm, Handle Drop 28cm.
Origin: India (Fair Trade Product)